What is Endermologie®?

Proven by more than 85 scientific studies, Endermologie is the science of cell stimulation developed by LPG. It reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin (mechano-stimulation) which is painless and noninvasive.

Its many fields of application include health, beauty, and well-being.

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  • LipomassageTM

    Use Lipomassage to eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. Learn More
  • EndermoliftTM

    A 100% natural anti-aging technique that redensify the skin deep down and erasing the signs of aging. Learn More
  • Responsible Beauty

    LPG develops 100% natural, high-tech solutions for responsible beauty that is synonymous with effectiveness and results. Learn More

Who are LPG® techniques for?

» For anyone who?

  • Is looking for the missing link between overly gentle and ineffective techniques and risky, invasive, and harsh techniques.
  • Does not always equate beauty with medical procedures.
  • Feels that it’s too early or too late to consider more aggressive techniques.
  • Wants to naturally boost their potential for slimming and looking younger with long lasting effect.
  • Believes that taking care of yourself involves wellness and relaxation.
  • Understands that, like muscles, skin needs exercise, a balance diet, and tailored cosmetics.
  • Understands also that intensive sports and low-calorie diets are not enough to get rid of stubborn fat and unsightly dimpling.
  • Wants to rediscover the face they love, not some fixed-expression recreated face.
  • Lives in their time and wants high-tech treatments along with healthy, natural, and responsible beauty.